Tuesday, April 12, 2016

North Carolina Residents Can't Even Get Porn Because Everybody Is So Angry Over Hate Law

North Carolina's horrible anti-LGBT "bathroom bill"
has prompted a porn site to block ISPs from
North Carolina as a protest.  
I'm feeling really sorry/not sorry for North Carolina these days.

As I've noted and complained about already, the state approved an odious anti-LGBT law that among other things, doesn't allow transgender people to use bathrooms according to their gender.

They must use them according to what's on their birth certificate.

Apparently, a state-issued piece of paper is more important that who a person actually is.

Predictably, the new law has caused quite a bit of backlash. A lot of companies are threatening to pull out of or stop investment in North Carolina.

PayPal has already decided to abandon plans to build an operations center that would have employed 400 people in North Carolina because of the law. They've startedl ooking elsewhere, in more sane territory, for the operations center.

Entertainment has suffered. Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert that had been scheduled for Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday because he couldn't stomach the so called "bathroom law" and wanted to send a message.

Message heard, Mr. Springsteen! Thank you! '

Now, North Carolinians can't even get all the porn they want because of this stupid law.  A big web porn site called XHamster.com, a free porn-sharing thingy,  is blocking all IP addresses from North Carolina to protest the law.

To be clear, XHamster (Link is NSFW!) apparently shows videos not of sex between hamsters, but between humans.

Glad we were able to clear that up!

"We have spent the last 50 years fighting for equality for everyone and these laws are discriminatory which XHamster.com does not tolerate," said a spokesman for the site, according to Huffington Post.

By the way, the average North Carolinian might be more tolerant than their lawmakers. Xhamster analyzed their web hits and determined that in March alone, they had 400,000 hits on their web site for the term "transsexual" from North Carolina and people in the state searches the term "gay" 319,907 times, reports Huffington Post. 

Apparently, the activists and legislators who got this North Carolina law passed thought they were preventing guys dressed as women from going into ladies' rooms to stare at said ladies private parts.

Think Klinger from the 1970s sitcom MASH as a total pervert.

As The Daily Beast pointed out, a lot of these activists couldn't fathom the idea that a person's brain tells them they're one gender, while their bodies tell them they are another. And in most cases, you really gotta go with brain.

Ths porn ban in North Carolina might hit some of these backers of the "bathroom law" hard, since some of them seem to be perverts.

A guy names Pastor Phillip "Flip" Benham is a big supporter of the North Carolina law and lobbied for its passage.

He's among those convinced that he's preventing weird guys in dresses from going into ladies rooms.

But he's a bit of a pervert himself. Or at least was. "In high school, we would drill holes in the wall, we would do all sorts of crazy things to get into...." he said, trailing off, according to Daily Beast.

Really? I'm sorry, high school kids are curious, to say the least. But drilling holes through walls to check on girls in their bathrooms and locker rooms?

We need legislation protecting us from people like Benham, not transgendered people who just need to take a pee.  Or does the North Carolina legislature and governor think guys drilling holes in walls to spy on girls is OK?

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