Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stupid Guy Wants To Secede From U.S.; Create Anti-Gay Nation Called Reagan

A bizarre man named Douglas MacKinnon
would carve out a new, conservative country
from the southern U.S. and maybe
call the new nation "Reagan" after his hero.  
I don't know whether to laugh out loud or get deep chills from the idea making the rounds by a guy named Douglas MacKinnon.

He thinks it will be a swell idea of southern states secede from the union and form a new country called "Reagan."

He's got a whole book out on the subject called "The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating A Traditional Values Country...Now."

Yes, I know this has been tried before with tragic results, but maybe MacKinnon thinks two times is the charm.

Besides, that little matter called the Civil War in the 1860s was the North's fault, anyway, MacKinnon says, according to Right Wing Watch. 

He said greedy Northerners like President Lincoln "waged an illegal war that was in fact not declared against the South after the South basically did what we're talkin sbout in this book now in terms of peacefully, legally and constitutionally leaving the union."

Yeah, I know. Slavery is such a traditional value.

It's a bit odd that MacKinnon gets his inspiration for his new nation, called Reagan, from Abraham Lincoln, given he was a commie pinko who held the nation together despite the Civil War.

MacKinnon quotes Honest Abe to give his rationale for his new nation. "This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it."

I guess he thinks a good reason to overthrow the government is because not everyone votes Republican like he does.

In MacKinnon's view, the real problem with the current state of affairs is The Gays. It's always The Gays. You can't even discriminate against or insult The Gays anymore without being forced to bake cakes for them or tell the world what great football players, it seems.

MacKinnon's solution is to secede and form a country where it's OK to Hate The Gays. That'll teach 'em!

To form his new country of Reagan, MacKinnon would start with the supposedly conservative strong holds of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

You'd think he'd include Texas, but probably not, he says,  because of all those icky brown people from Mexico coming over the border. Traditional values are white, not Hispanic, you understand.

I'm not sure what he'd do with South Beach in Florida, what with all those hideous Gays, Hispanics and Liberals. And aren't there gay bars in Atlanta? What would he do with those?  

There hasn't been uniform praise for MacKinnon's book on Amazon's customer review page.

Here's a bit of sarcasm  from somebody calling himself "Better Than Jesus," pretending to be a big fan of MacKinnon and his book: 

"As a frothing desperate, impotent, fat self-righteous 40 year old infant with a world view so simplistic it might as well have been drawn in crayon, I am constantly on the lookout for shrieking noise that confirms the divisive lunacy on which I base my sense of self.

I felt the first stirrings of an ideological erection when I read about how climate change is a communist conspiracy, and even gained some small sense of priapic emotion from wallowing in contrived paranoid fantasies about black presidents and birth certificates, but have never been able to truly achieve the climax of faux-conservative gibbering that I, and my wife-sister craved."

MacKinnon said he worked with people from Special Ops, intelligence, the military and constitutional law to gather information for his book. 

Which makes me wonder if MacKinnon wants to start some type of war to get his dream country of Reagan. This is where I spit out my Diet Coke, stop laughing at him and get my little chill.

Have you read Margaret Atwood's scary 1998 novel "The Handmaid's Tale"? It's about a future ultra conservative nation carved out from America through a civil war. In it, women are used just as vessels to create children, and to serve the household. The book explores all kinds of other extreme right wing fantasies, kind of like MacKinnon's dreaming up.

So yea, MacKinnon is a lunatic, and his proposal won't go anywhere. But to think there are quite a few people out there who agree with him is unsettling to say the least. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gunning For The National Anthem. Literally.

Gunning for a melody: You can play a song by
shooting at these targets.  
Here's a loaded blog post, I guess both literally and figuratively.

The video at the bottom of this post shows a guy playing "The Star Spangled Banner" by shooting at targets that have different musical tones when they are hit by bullets.

I have to admit the guy's a damn good shot to pull this off.

Of course, the loaded part is, first of all the gun is loaded. Second of all, is, boy, are people going to have different reactions to this! The gun enthusiasts will say YEAH! Second Amendment, baby!!

Some of the people less enthusiastic about guns will roll their eyes at the mix of patriotism and guns.

Of course, as BoingBoing notes, you can do other songs as well, with revamped lyrics like this Smokey Robinson parody:

If you feel like lovin' guns
If you're independent
I second that amendment.

For those of you who love both guns and music, you're in luck!  You can buy these musical targets from

As they business tagline says: Your source for armory harmony!

The targets are labeled with the notes, say "C" or "D" and you can shoot out a song with the targets at your own practice range.

Just be sure to set this up where it's legal to shoot guns, and nobody will get hurt by a bullet in case you miss. Hey, nobody's perfect.

A Major 8 Chime Set costs just $249 and a full Double Major 16 Deluxe Set, pictured in this blog post, goes for the low, low price of $600. Operators are standing by! (Not really, but you can go to their Web site.)

Without further ado, I present you the explosive gun shot National Anthem.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Totally Horrible Woman Defaces Nature, Thinks It's Art

Casey Nocket's horrible "artwork"
in Yosemite National Park.  
Today on Gawker, I read about my new least favorite person in the world, Casey Nocket. 

I'd never heard of her until today, either. But she's apparently been traveling the nation, to some of our most beautiful national parks. She paints these horrible ugly pieces of "artwork" on rocks on scenic locations, which I guess in her mind is "improving" the look of nature.

Modern Hiker first brought news of the Wrath of Nocket to the public:

"According to her Instagram feed, Nocket has been traveling quite extensively - she has photos tagged from all over the West, including stops in Carrizo Plain National Monument, Sequoia, Bryce, Zion, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Grand Canyon, Canyonlands, Rocky Mountain and Joshua Tree National Parks."  

The only good thing about the obnoxious Casey Nocket is, she's in trouble big time. More from Modern Hiker:

"..... what Ms. Nocket is doing will not only get her some likes on Instagram, but will most likely result in a few felony vandalism charges once the Park Service catches up with her. And since, like most modern park vandals, she left a rich social media trail, it will likely only be a matter of time before that happens. Reddit already appears to be on the case."

Given the very negative attention to this, plus Nocket's apparent sudden awareness that she could be facing jail time, she took down her Instagram, Tumblr and other social media accounts.

Like that would do any good. All the right people have already seen your social media bragging, Casey, so you're screwed.

As I write this, the most recent post on the Reddit thread concerning this case is from a guy named Steve Yu, an investigator at Yosemite National Park.
More hideousness left behind by
Casey Nocket.  

He tells everyone thanks for the info, he's on the case. Yu does ask that Nocket be afforded due process, meaning we shouldn't harass her, which is fair enough.

Already, Nocket's Tumblr account is reactivated, but I agree with Modern Hiker that it has been taken over by an Internet troll who is baiting people, and Nocket is not in the picture.

Still, let's state the obvious: Nocket is a narcisstic, self-entitled, moronic horrible person who thinks what she does is soooooo much better than what nature has to offer.

I notice she did her "artwork" in acrylic paint, which is awfully hard to get rid of.

Let's get real, Casey. Even if your artwork was legal, it sucks. And why the hell do you think we'd rather see your "creepytings" drawings, as you call them, than the beauty of our national parks.

Yeah, right, Casey, you're the most glorious person on the planet.

I hope you spent lots and lots of years in prison, and then you're made to scrub and scrub and scrub all the rocks clean in the middle of 100 degree midsummer heat waves.

You're pathetic, Casey Nocket.

Two Homeowners Lose Homes To Crime, Bureaucracy? Why Must THEY Fix The Mess?

Creepy criminals "stole" Jennifer Merin's house
through deed fraud, and she's having terrible
trouble getting it back.  
Two items in the news recently made me ask an obvious question:

When somebody does something incredibly stupid or criminal and forces the sale of a house that was not meant to be sold, why is it the real, legit homeowner who has to clean up the mess?  

Here's the first case:

A grifter faked a deed and moved into a house in Queens that isn't his, and settled in, says the New York Post. 

The real owner of the house found out about this pretty quickly, but now it's become a struggle to evict this jerk from the house.

You'd think that as soon as everyone figured out that the grifter, Darrell Beatty, 49, and his sons, Darrell Kash Beatty, 25 and DeShaun Beatty, 22 faked the deed, it would be a simple matter of kicking them out and letting the real owner, Jennifer Morin back in.

But this crime happened in February and Morin is still struggling to get the creeps out, says the Post.

The illegal trio have stolen and/or trashed family heirlooms, such as photos, a circa-1920 bed frame, vintage suitcases and classic television sets.

Merin first figured out this was going on when the February water bill arrived, but not until May, and there was a huge spike in water usage on the bill.

She called the cops when she went to the house to find these jerks living there.  But police said nobody answered the door when they showed up, so they told her to take the matter to court.

The fake deed said Beatty bought the place from somebody named Edith Moore, but Merin's family never heard of such a person.

The Post tried to call Beatty for an explanation, but obviously he wasn't going to talk to any snooping reporters.  A reporter tried to talk to one of the sons at the house, but he refused and sicced a pit bull on the questioner.

Says the Post: "A Finance source said the case is being jointly investigated by the Queens District Attorney's office and the city sheriff, and that it 'could be part of a larger ring' of deed scammers.'

Beatty has not been charged."

Um, why has it taken so long to investigate, since the paper trail is right there and obvious, and why hasn't Beatty been charged?

You'd think it would be quick and easy to get Merin back into her house, but you'd think wrong apparently.

Since the case is still under investigation, Merin has little choice but to conduct eviction proceedings.

A judge approved the eviction earlier this year, but Beatty now claims "health problems" so the eviction was delayed.

Oh, come ON! Who cares if he has health problems? (I doubt he really does.) He committed a crime, he needs to go. His dopey sons can take care of Beatty's so-called 'health problems."

The city of New York has beefed up scrutiny of deed transfers and trained staff to flag discrepencies to detect fraud.

At least 100 deeds involving 300 properties are now being investigated as possible frauds. Which means there might be 100 Jennifer Merins out there in New York also getting screwed by criminals who are basically stealing houses.

By the way, judging from the photo in the New York Post, Merin isn't exactly the youngest lady in the world. Even more reason to be outraged. Let's torture an old woman through bureaucracy! What fun!


The second case of epic housing screw ups was in Norcross, Georgia.  
Xui Lui and her four year old daughter almost
lost their condo because she didn't pay a tax
bill the city never sent her.  

There, a woman named Xui Lui almost lost the condo where she lives with her four year old daughter. Seems she never paid a $95 tax bill a few years ago, so the city auctioned off the house.

And why didn't she pay this bill? She never knew the bill existed, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  

The city kept sending the bill to a nonexistent address, and the bill kept coming back to City Hall. Had she been aware of the bill, she would have paid it.

All of Lui's other, more expensive tax bills went to the correct address and she paid them all on time, and in full, so it's not like she was blowing this off.

She didn't know they were auctioning off her condo because she never received notice that it was happening. Next thing Liu knew, the house wasn't hers anymore and she was being evicted.

Luckily, reporters got wind of this, and the city of Norcross, under pain of really bad publicity, had to fix this. But of course they had to take the condo away from the people who thought they bought a condo, which must have been awkward and infuriating to them.

They are making Liu pay a $300 late fee on the tax bill. I guess the greedy city decided that due to their "largesse" of owning up to their horrible mess-up, they have to make Liu pay some how.

You'd think they'd waive the fee given the fear and worry they inflicted on Liu, but uh-uh. Gotta get that revenue no matter what.

I have a suggestion for the city of Norcross. If you're going to auction off somebody's house, maybe you can tell them in advance? In person? And maybe get tax bill addresses right?


Modal Trigger
Jennifer Merin looks at some of her possessions that were dumped in her garage of her family home.Photo: Helayne Seidman
A Finance source said that the case is being jointly investigated by the Queens District Attorney’s Office and the city sheriff and that it “could be part of a larger ring” of deed scammers.
Beatty has not been charged.
he extraordinary theft has jolted city bureaucrats.
“That case is what changed the dynamic in the Department of Finance of how we process deed transfers,” city Sheriff Joseph Fucito, whose office executes evictions and probes deed fraud, told The Post.
For years, filing a fake deed transfer was easy. The legal documents can be found online, filled out with only basic details, then stamped by a notary public.
“The old policy was designed to be customer friendly. It’s very hard to be customer friendly and super vigilant at the same time,” Fucito said.
Since the Merin case, staffers have been retrained to flag discrepancies, such as unusually low sale prices or suspect businesses, and personal information is checked against previously filed city records.
City property owners can also sign up for a new Finance Department service that alerts them if a change is made to their deed.
Since June, the new policies have red-flagged more than 500 deed transfers. While many were found to contain legitimate filing errors, at least 100 deeds impacting 300 properties are now being investigated as possible frauds, Fucito said.
Often they involve crooked attorneys and title companies, he said.
“We want to stem the tide of fraudulent filings,” the sheriff said.
With the criminal probe ongoing, Merin has little recourse but to try to evict the Beattys in court.
After Darrell Beatty failed to appear in August, a judge approved an eviction, but it was stayed last week when Beatty claimed he had health problems.
He is due back in Queens Housing Court on Tuesday.
In court documents, Darrell Beatty says he rented the house from a “Khalid Moore,” with an option to buy, and that he paid $10,000 in rent to Moore.
On Friday, The Post confronted DeShaun Beatty outside the house. He refused to answer questions, walked in and shut the door, ordering his pit bull to guard the entrance.
Through the windows, the living and dining rooms appeared mostly bare, with a few sections of modern sofas and a nearly empty bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon sitting on a shelf.
A four-tiered Baccarat crystal chandelier that Merin said had been hanging in the living room was gone.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scary Shooting At Canada's Parliament Building

A street being cordoned off in Ottawa this morning.  
In a story now unfolding, shots were fired in and around Canada's Parliament building in Ottawa.   

I don't picture Canada as a hot spot for this kind of crime or even possibly a terror attack, but these things can happen anywhere, unfortunately.

People in Ottawa near Parliament Hill have been told to stay off the streets and away from windows.

This is just two days after a soldier in Quebec was killed and another injured in a hit and run incident that the government says was a terror attack perpetrated by a jerk who had embraced radical Islam.   

Here's a scary video, taken by a Globe and Mail reporter, of an exchange of gunfire in the Parliament building:

Another GREAT Use For Raid Bee And Wasp Killer

Works great on
convenience store
robbers, too!  
I don't usually don't do too many product endorsements in this blog, but I'll make an exception: Raid wasp and hornet killer works great.    

I've had good success with it with the wasp next that keep appearing in my toolshed. But a woman in Pennsylvania found another great use for the product, though the makers of Raid probably don't recommend this.

According to television station WJAC in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a woman walked into the CSI Coalfield Mini Market  in Berlin, Pennsylvania and demanded that store clerk Annabelle Miller hand over all the cash in the register.

Miller wasn't particularly in the mood to hand over the money, but what was she going to do? She wasn't sure if the robber was armed, and Miller herself didn't have a gun or anything like this.

But she wanted to get rid of the robber anyway. Miller had a can of Raid wasp and hornet killer on the counter, and apparently she figured since it worked on annoying wasps, she could try it on annoying robbers.

I'm happy to report Raid wasp and hornet killer works great on ridding stores of annoying robbers. Miller sprayed the robber in the face, who fled, without cash.

In the brief video you see at the bottom of this post, you can see how casually Miller sprayed the Raid. "Oh, a slighly annoying wasp. Maybe I should get rid of it."

Raid wasp and hornet killer is kind of toxic, (Duh! It kills wasps) so the warning label on the can urges you to try not to get the stuff on you. So the robber is probably pretty sick.

The Material Safety Data Sheet said the product can cause drying or defatting of skin, irritation to the skin, nose, throat and respiratory tract, and aspiration into the lungs can cause severe health effects.

According to WJAC: "Miller described the woman as having a deep voice, long brown hair and thick eyebrows. She said she wouldn't be surprised if the woman also has some burns on her face."

Police also suggest that store clerks not fight back the way Miller did, because said clerks can get shot and all by nasty robbers. But in this case it worked.

Wasp season is over where I live in Vermont, so I thought I don't need Raid wasp and hornet killer for awhile. But I think I'll pick up a can of it at the store today, in case somebody breaks into the house.

Here's the spray video from the store:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

They're Rioting Over Pumpkins?

These people are rioting because they got drunk
at a Keene N.H. pumpkin festival.  
The headline said it best:

"It's the Great Pumpkin Riot of 2014, Charlie Brown!"

Yep, you might have heard about that big riot this past weekend in Keene, N.H. at the annual pumpkin festival in town.   Something like 30 people were hurt, and 84 arrested, says the Boston Globe.

People threw full beer bottles, liquor bottles, rocks and pumpkins at police and each other.

Police responded with tear gas, riot gear and arrests.  All this at a friggin' pumpkin festival!

Most of the rioter were white college age students. You know how that demographic just LOVES social media, so they posted their derring-do on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, police are combing over these social media sites like pre-teen girls searching for every bit of info and gossip on pop music sensation One Direction. Of course, police are looking for rioters to arrest, not teeny bopper singing groups.

It's safe to say last year's Pumpkin Fest went better that the one last weekend.  For one thing, the 2013 version featured no riots. And in 2013, they set a world record by having 30,851 carved and lighted jack-o-lanterns at one place at one time.

This year, they might have been trying to set the world record for most beer bottles thrown at police.

These people in Ferguson, Missouri are rioting
because an unarmed black teenager was
shot to death by a cop.  
Or the most people stuffed into one backyard. By one estimate there were 4,000 people or so in the yard, and thats the place where the trouble seems to have started.  

Talking Points Memo, citing lots of Tweets out there, also brought up some biting differences in perspective surrounding the white rioters of Keene and the black rioters of Ferguson, Missouri back in August.

One person Tweeted unrest in Ferguson was brought on by the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, while the disturbances in Keene came about because of the availability of pumpkins (not to mention booze.)

Another meme going around shows photos of black demonstrators in Ferguson as "thugs," "animals" and "destroying their community" while the white rioters in Keene are merely "rowdy," "mischievous" and "booze filled revelers."

Wesley Lowery Tweeted: "Don't these people have jobs? Where are the white fathers? What will end this corrosive culture of violence?!"

He has a point: I don't like people rioting for any reason. It just doesn't advance the cause. Any cause. It just turns people off.  And the morons that looted and burned businesses in Ferguson are just plain scum.

But there does seem to be a racial divide between reasons behind the riots

Blacks seem to riot when unarmed African-American teenagers are shot, when too many people say the "N" word too many times, when blatant discrimination gets to be too much.

Whites tend to riot when their favorite sports team loses, or win their sports team wins, or they want to let off steam after a surfing competition, or the want to (pumpkin) spice up a Jack 'O Lantern festival.
At least some very nice Keene State College students
volunteered to clean up the mess the day
after riots at the town's pumpkin festival.  

Another embarrassing thing is maybe, at least in this one incident, all us anti-militarization types might have been mistaken when we said local police don't need to be armed to the teeth like a huge army.

They still don't, in my opinion, but the Great Keene Pumpkin Riot of '14 put a chink in that argument.

I guess Keene Police are having the last laugh. A month or so ago, Stephen Colbert mocked Keene for getting all kinds of riot gear, maybe in case trouble broke out at the pumpkin festival.

Back in September, Colbert mocked: "Keene, N.H. obtained a surplus $286,000 BearCat armored vehicle, which they said they needed...since Keene currently hosts several large public functions to include an annual pumpkin festival."

One bright note:  The Boston Globe reported that Keene State College students returned to the scene Sunday to clean up the mess, which is nice.

I'm just glad nobody rioted because they were upset that their mess had been cleaned up.