Friday, May 22, 2015

Moronic Motorists Everywhere: Watch This Jerk In Germany

The fire truck is in a hurry. So what
does the idiot in the green car do? Watch.  
Everybody who knows me is probably sick of me complaining about the minority of motorists out there who find new and creative ways to be incredibly stupid and incredible jerks.

I guess this is an international problem.

Watch how idiotic the person in the green car in this video is as a fire truck that's obviously in a hurry for some emergency comes upon the moron.

As an aside, I like German fire truck sirens more than American fire truck sirens.

Can anybody be that oblivious, or passively-aggressively this mean?:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Store Clerk Offers Hilarious Play By Play Of Inept Robber In Her Store

The sales clerk, right, takes her time loading
cigarettes into a bag the robber, at left wants.  
The video in this post has understandably gone viral.

It's surveillance footage of a store robbery in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Yeah, yeah, I know, there's LOTS of footage out there of store robberies.

But in this case, the woman who was robbed offers a helpful play by play narrative of what's going on the video, which makes it so much fun.

The security button she kept pushing didn't work, so the cops didn't show up during the long, drawn out incident. (Pro tip for robbers: If you don't want to get caught,  make your heist clean and quick: Get your stuff and get out.)

Police did manage to catch the dufus robber five minutes after he left the store. (The clerk got the robber's license plate number, as the leisurely pace of the getaway allowed her to write it down.)

Authorities said the robber Marc Kammerman, 41, and an accomplice, Manmeet Bhatia, 22, were found hiding in a car in a car wash. Police were immediately suspicious of the car in the car wash since it was pouring rain at that moment.

Here's the video:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Stil Have A Chance To Own A Giant Catsup Bottle

This giant catsup bottle in Collinsville, Illinois
can be yours. It's for sale. Head down there now
to make a down payment!  
Catsup with those fries?

You could have a lot of it, or the illusion of a lot of catsup anyway, if you buy a certain bit of real estate in Collinsville, Illinois.

The world's largest catsup bottle is up for sale, and it could be yours!

It's been for sale for almost a year, but so far there's been no takers, says KMOX in St. Louis.

The 170-foot tall catsup bottle, really a big water tower, and the surrounding property, went up for sale last year, but unbelievably, nobody seems to want a giant bottle of catsup.

A guy named Mike Gassmann, better known as "Big Tomato" is the lead cheerleader for the big catsup bottle's preservation. "It appeals to everybody from the catsup scene who put catsup on their breakfast cereal, to historic preservationists and architects, to people who actually collect photos of water towers," he told KMOX last year.

People put catsup on their breakfast cereal? Ewww!!!

Big Tomato goes on to say that the catsup bottle is Collinsville's Arch or Eiffel Tower.

Or something like that.

The catsup bottle has another practical use in Collinsville. It makes it easy for out of towners to get directions, said Collinsville marchant Mary Davis, according to KMOX.

"You tell people if you're going to meet somewhere, 'Hey, I'll meet you down the hill at the Catsup bottle,' or  'Come up the hill, go to the Catsup bottle and make a left.'"

The bottle is on the National Register of Historic Places, but that's no guarantee it will be saved if no buyers are found.

Rumors circulated last year that the people with Oscar Mayer Weinermobile were interested in the Catsup bottle (What a partnership!) but that's come to naught.

So, if you want a HUGE Catsup bottle,  head to Collinsville, Illinois and start negotiating!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Outrage: Elderly, Sick Man Has To Dial 911 Just To Get Food To Live On

 Clarence Blackmon, an elderly cancer patient,
had to call 911 to get groceries because
 the rehab center he was at discharged him
and left him to his own devices. Assholes.  n
The following story has been presented in the media as a heartwarming story, but I'm outraged by it.

An elderly man, weak with prostate cancer, was discharged from a hospital and sent home. Great! He's recovering with the help of family and visiting nurses and plenty of follow up care from the hospital.

Just kidding!

He was dumped into the house and left to his own devices and was physically incapable of getting any food. The man got so desperate that he called 911 and asked someone there to buy him groceries.

"What i need is someone to get to the grocery store and bring me food, because I need to eat something. Whatever you can do to help. I can't do anything. I can't go anywhere. I can't get out of my damn chair," Clarence Blackmon told 911 dispatcher Marilyn Hinson, according to the Huffington Post. 

Click on this sentence to listen to the tough 911 call Blackmon placed

Luckily, the 911 operators didn't tell him that they were only for emergencies and tell him to go away. Hinson  recognized this was an emergency.  Hinson's supervisor entered Blackmon's name into the computer and learned he was ill and had no family in the area. Blackmon's wife died in 2011.

They also discovered Blackmon had withered away to 115 pounds in large part because he was unable to get food for himself.

Hinson went to Blackmon's house with officers from the Fayetteville, North Carolina Police Department to deliver groceries. They also made sure that Blackmon would get follow up care and help.

That's the heartwarming part.

Here's why I'm outraged, though. It appears as if the hospital just discharged Blackmon without making sure he would get the help for follow up treatment. What, was the old guy unprofitable now? Maybe used up his insurance or something? Groceries don't make pharmaceutical companies profitable like pills do, was that the problem?

According to the Inquisitor and ABC News, the private treatment and rehabiliitation center that discharged Blackmon never bothered to contact the North Carolina Department of Social Services, as they should have.

The DSS is now involved, helping Blackmon, and an outpouring of donations because of news reports about this incident are going to Blackmon and others who need help.  (He's donating the extra food he can't keep to the Salvation Army.)

Still, my blood is boiling. Does this rehabilitation hospital and others in the country just dump people out on the street when they're done with them, figuring they'll just die a quiet death and stop bothering everyone for shrieks?

I hope the people who did this to Blackmon at the hospital are punished BIG TIME. It's also time for investigation on how other hospitals and rehab centers discharge people who can't fend for themselves.

Now there's a good story idea for you journalists and muckrakers out there.

Friday, May 15, 2015

George Orwell Should Have Worried More About Business Than Government

A California woman is suing her former
employer because she said her boss
monitored her 24/7 through the
workplace management app Xora. 
Talk about an overbearing boss! And a creepy one, if a story about a lawsuit that recently appeared in Ars Technica is true. 

The woman sying, Myma Arias, was fired from her job for the money transfer service Intermex, after disabling an app called Xora from her company-issued iPhone because it traced her every move.

It could tell where her car was going, how fast she was driving, how long she was at a given location, pretty much everything.

Arias said she had no problem with the app running while she was on duty working as a sales executive for the company.

After all, it's pretty reasonable for a boss to make sure the employee is meeting with the people she's supposed to meet with, was driving safely and working,  and not just hanging out at the nail spa or something like that.

The problem Arias said she had is that her boss, John Stubits, monitored Arias and coworkers while they were not on the job.  He could spy on her 24 hours a day.

Part of her lawsuit reads as follows, says Ars Technica. "Plantiff expressed that she had no problem with the app's GPS function during work hrs but she objected to the monitoring of her location during non-work hours and complained to Stubits tht this was an invasion of her privacy. She likened the app to a prisoner's ankle bracelet and informed Stubits that his actions were illegal. Stubits replied that she should tolerate the illegal intrusion."

You have to wonder why Stubits, the boss, was so interested in his employees' off work activities. Was it away to make them feel like they should be working when they are off the clock? Or is Stubits a creepy pervert who wants to know everything about his workers?

Whatever is going on, I think we should all be rebelling against this kind of corporate spying on its employees, just as we should rebel against blanket spying by the government against its own citizens.

Of course, employers have the right to fire employees whose activities on personal time are way over the line.

In Toronto recently, an engineer with a firm was fired after he enthusiastically supported, on camera, another bro who participated in a vulgar, misogynistic insult against a female television reporter, a quote, unquote joke that's gotten popular on social media.

Where I live in Vermont, a Vermont State Police trooper was forced to resign after his superiors caught wind of offensive posts he put up on Facebook.

So yes, there are circumstances where your private life, which isn't so private nowadays, can get you fired. Often justifiably so.

But where does the boss cross the line? Certainly, they shouldnt have the right to spy on your every move. Why should bossman care if you kick back with a beer while watching the game on Saturday afternoon? Or get randy with your spouse on Friday night?

I'm hoping the boss that was monitoring his employees' every move, and is the subject of that lawsuit, gets fired himself.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Man Faces Charges For Saving Dog Because Dog Owner Is Horrible.

A bystander captured Michael Hammons
smashing out a car window to rescue
 a dog in a hot car. The car's owner insisted
he be arrested.  
No good deed goes unpunished. Especially when there are jerks and morons around.

U.S. Army veteran Michael Hammons was outside an Athens, Georgia shopping center when he spotted a dog in distress inside a hot car with the windows rolled up.

The dog was going to die of the heat, he knew.

With time running out for the dog, He did what any self respective person would do and smashed out a window in the car and rescued the pup, says the Athens Herald-Banner.

Hammons' reward? He was arrested.

The woman who owned the car was outraged that Hammons broke the window to her precious Ford Mustang. She insisted that police press charges against him, so authorities had no other choice but to arrest him.

"We didn't want to charge him, but he told us he broke the windows and when you hav a victim there saying she wants hi charge, we had no other choice," said Chief Deputy Lee Weems, according to television station WAGA in Atlanta. 

In some states, laws shield people from arrest if they, in good faith, break a car window to rescue a dog. Georgia law allows you to break a car window to save a person, but the law doesn't cover pets.

The woman, who owns the dog and the Ford Mustang is Elantra Cunningham, 22. She was issued a citation for improper animal care.

I have no idea why they didn't take that dog away from her. Permanently. Anyone stupid enough to leave a dog in a hot car in a parking lot on a summery day has no business having a dog.

Reports are that the woman said she only left the dog in the car for a few minutes, but witnesses including Hammons said it was definitely longer than that.

Judging from the account in the Athens Banner-Herald, it does seem like it was longer than a few minutes. People had been standing outside the car, contemplating what to do. One of them had called the sheriff, who hadn't arrived yet.

Hammons broke the car window, took the dog to a shady area and gave it water. All this before Cunningham emerged from her happy little shopping spree.

Hammons told WAGA that despite the arrest and the fact he would be responsible for paying for repairs to the stupid Ford Mustang, he'd act the same if he had to do it all over again, which of course is totally cool.

"I knew there'd be consequences, but it didn't matter. Glass, they make new glass every day, but they could never replace that dog."

Hammons has PTSD and all this attention is negatively affected him, says his wife.

As you might expect, social media lit up with praise for Hammons and darts and arrows for Cunningham. There's reportedly a GoFundMe page set up for Hammons to help him pay for the car window and any legal expenses he incurs.