Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Week Before Alex Jones NBC Interview, Everybody Up In Arms

NBC is set to air Megyn Kelly's interview with this nut
case, Alex Jones on Sunday, triggering a debate on whether
we should give destructive people like this additional exposure. 
To understate the matter, Alex Jones is a big fat nutcase.

He's the impresario of InfoWars, an oddly popular conspiracy theory media empire whose fans seem to include Donald Trump.  

Normally, I wouldn't waste my time filling this blog thingy with Alex Jones stuff, except to laugh at him and mock him, which I have occasionally done.

But everybody's talking about him this week because an NBC interview of him by Megyn Kelly will run on Father's Day.

Jones is famous for, among other things, saying the Sept 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job and the Sandy Hook school shooting, which took the lives of 26 people, mostly young kids,  was fake.

I get the instinct to not give the likes of Jones the national showcase NBC and Kelly offers.

But as Entertainment Weekly notes:

"Kelly herself actually responded to the criticism. When someone tweeted at her that the coverage risks legitimizing Jones and his conspiracies, Kelly responded that Jones has already been legitimized by President Donald Trump, who appeared on Jones' show as a candidate back in December, 2014 and recently granted InfoWars a White House press credential.

'Many don't know him, our job is 2 shine a light,' Kelly tweeted."

So I'll reserve judgement on the interview until I see and hear it.  Then again, I'm not sure I want to listen to anything Alex Jones says, so I'll probably end up skipping it.

The truly scary thing is that a whack job like Jones has been legitimized by the President, who can't seem to handle the concept that fake is not the same thing as true.

Predictably, Jones melted down after his interview with Kelly in a way that would make Trump proud. Jones is a real student of Trump's methods, that's for sure!

As Media Matters reports, here's what Jones is thinking after being interviewed by Kelly, if you can stand it:

"Jones is now suggesting Kelly is aligned with the 'New World Order' globalist conspiracy theory, complaining that she is producing 'fake news' and declaring that she is 'not feminine' but is 'cold, robotic, dead.'"

Alrighty then!

Will Megyn Kelly's interview make America really rebel against Alex Jones, who has made a career of harassing, and encouraging his moron followers, to threaten people who are the subject ofJones' bizarro world view?

Or, will the interview give Jones a wider platform, when he's really just a bug who should be ignored as it crawls back under its rock?

Who knows?

In any event, advertisers are fleeing NBC and its planned Alex Jones interview. Kelly and NBC are getting hammered on social media, and Kelly was dropped from a Sandy Hook fundraiser.

Maybe all this criticism is justified, but we really ought to be constantly piling on that creep Alex Jones.


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