Saturday, November 18, 2017

Aurora Web Cam Captures Incredible, Bright Meteor Instead

This looks like a daytime photo of a winter scene in Lapland,
northern Finland, but it's in the middle of the night. It's
bright because a brilliant meteor is shooting through the sky.
A guy named Tony Bateman  in Lapland, in northern Finland, has set up a web cam to capture the Northern Lights, a frequent feature in that neck of the woods on clear, long winter nights there.

On a recent night, the aurora was so-so. You could see a faint green haze far to the north over the snowy dark landscape.

Then there's a HUGE surprise. As you can see in the video below, there was a huge meteor that turned night into day. Who knew you'd briefly need sunglasses in the dark winter night in Lapland?

Experts said the object was either a meteor or space junk re-entering Earth's atmosphere.

The web cam proprietor said the meteor set off a nasty shock wave that shook his cabin. Much like an even bigger meteor in Russia that did the same thing with damaging results back in ??

In this case, people in and near Finland heard loud bangs with the meteor in an area with a radius of a few hundred kilometers.

Here's the Finland meteor video. It's really cool:

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