Wednesday, February 14, 2018

NRA Is Really, Really Mad At You For Dissing Trump

The guy in this NRA ad is really, really mad that people
on TV make fun of Donald Trump 
The National Rifle Association - NRA - have become quite the media stars in addition to their advocacy to make sure each and every one of us owns a complete arsenal. Even if you're mentally off the rails.

Then again, the NRA ads are a bit off the rails, aren't they?

It's odd that the group with all the guns feels like the ones that are beseiged, but whaddaya going to do?

There was this ad from last year, in which Dana Loesch couldn't contain her bitter anger at people who had the gall to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest against Trump, and while they were at it, protest against racism, income inequality and other social ills.

In NRA world the Second Amendment trumps (ha!) the First Amendment. Go figure.

Anyway, critics said the Loesch ad was an open call to violence, and I do see that point.

Now we have a new ad from the NRA, and it's, um, something.

This new spot features another very, very, very angry person named Grant Stinchfield. Why is everybody with the NRA so angry? They get what they want from Congress. They have almost unfettered access to their guns. Trump loves 'em. They should be ecstatic.

They're not, though. In this ad, a seething Stinchfield stands next to a television, holding a sledgehammer. On the TV are quick clips of a variety of people and shows, including Saturday Night Live, John Oliver, CNN and others bashing Trump.

Stinchfield, finally having enough of this, smashes the TV with his sledgehammer. Then there's the logo, "NRA TV. Our Greatest Weapons Is Truth."

I wish the NRA would tell the truth about all these mass shootings we have and what we should do about them, but you can't expect much. Just this afternoon, I'm seeing reports of another school shooting, this time in Florida. Does the NRA look at tragedies like this as free advertising? Well, that's a debate for another post.

I don't know if that NRA claim to truth is, um, true or not, but as many people on social media have pointed out, it's awfully hard to watch NRA TV if you've smashed your television with a sledgehammer.

As the Huffington Post points out, Twitter, as usual, was unrelenting in its response to this NRA ad.

Some top Tweets on this:

"Anyone wonder why he didn't shoot the TV?"

"Do the NRA snowflakes need a safe space so big bad words won't hurt their little feelings?"

"I'll wear my little brother's t-shirt and smash my TV with a sledgehammer, with cowboy music playing, then I'll act all mad and tough....oh yeah, make sure there's plenty of black people appearing on the TV."

Here's the ad, if you can stand it.

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