Sunday, February 4, 2018

Why We All Love Sympathetic Dogs

Like a lot of dogs, Roxy, in this
image from a viral video, knew
exactly how to help Sam, the upset
toddler in the  video 
Like most people who own dogs, at least good ones like me, we know they are often in tune with our emotions, and I swear they actually try to make us feel better.

When Jeff or me is sick and we need to stay in bed, Jackson and/or Tonks get into bed with us, for moral support.

I'm really close to Jackson, our black Cocker Spaniel. When I get particularly frustrated, Jackson will leave the room, because he doesn't like negativity.

That's my cue to calm down, and follow him into the bedroom, because he always retreats to the bed there when I get cross.

I lay down next to him. Tell both him and me that it's all right. He gets a belly rub, I get a doggy kiss, and then, everything is perfect in the world again.

I love the following example of how dogs like Jackson know how to help.

Roxie the dog, of Riverton, Australia, noted his young human companion, Sam was crying. In a show of solidarity, Roxy began howling in tears, too. Just wanting to prove he understood Sam, I guess.

Sam noticed the solidarity and calmed down. Roxy gave Sam a little kiss on the nose, and, as always with these dogs, everything was right in the world again.

So, if you're sick of the news and people not being like Good Dogs, here's that video to cheer you up.

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