Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Needed Dose Of Adorbs In An Ugly World

Conway (left) and Dozer (peeking over fence) enjoy an afternoon
of playing fetch in this still from a wonderful viral video.
We can keep absorbing the awfulness that passes for news these days, or we can take a break to prove that there is still adoreableness and niceness in the world.

We all crave that, which I'm sure is why the video at the bottom of this post went viral. It shows a great two year old boy named Conway and his next door neighbor, a dog named Dozer.

A fence divides the property between Conway's house and Dozer's but that's no reason the two can't have fun. As you see, Conway just throws a ball over the fence, and Dozer returns the favor.

I bet this can go on all day. As it should.


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