Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Aretha Franklin Honored Carole King In This Beautiful Clip

When Aretha Franklin sang Carole King's "(You Make Me Feel Like)
A Natural Woman" when King was being honored at the Kennedy
Center in 2015, she blew both King and then-president Obama away
I think I posted a similar video of this when it first came out toward the end of 2015, but it's worth a repeat.

The world is still mourning the passing of Aretha Franklin. Back in 2015, Carole King was one of the Kennedy Center honorees.

King wrote the song (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman." As we know, Aretha Franklin turned that into a huge hit that everybody still can't get enough of.

So, as King was being honored, Franklin sang that song. King was besides herself, then-president Obama wiped a tear, and then he and Michelle spent the rest of the evening trying to scrape their jaws off the floor.

As did all of us. Note that the video below may not be available and you'll have to go to YouTube for another version. Although I think this video of Aretha's performance is pretty much a historical, fair use document, CBS keeps taking it down, citing copywright.

But here goes. Take us to church, Aretha. Rest in peace:

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