Sunday, February 3, 2019

Of Course I Have To Bring You Bad Lip Reading For The Super Bowl

This year's NFL Bad Lip Reading is totally worth the watch and listen.
It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I suppose I have to celebrate the occasion somehow, though I'm not the most rabid NFL fan out there.

I'll do so by giving you "A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL"  

There's a whole YouTube channel in which they "put words in people's mouths" by dubbing in silly statements into videos of people who are often out of earshot.

The schtick is these are revealing videos of what was really said, except the lip reading is so awful that they what they people "say" is hilariously absurd.

They've done NFL lip reading for each of the past several years. This year's NFL one is excellent.  For instance, we have a sideline coach exclaiming, "In my bag! Poetry and French art!

In those NFL clips in which NFL players say something about themselves, one says. "I sleep on the happiness tree." Another says, "I melted a lot of people." One more says, "Humans shouldn't go into the labyrinth."

Yeah, everything they say is out of left field, if I may interject a baseball cliche into a football story.

Out on the field, "spoiled" New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady barks remarks like, "I'm an icon!" "Poke his eye!" "I'm the star!" and, "He's a spy!"

Another exchange:
Reporter to player: "I hope you feel good."
Player replies: "Not you, I hope you fall on a machete later."

Well, football is a violent sport, right?

I only gave you a small taste. Here's the full eight minutes of NFL bad lip reading that will convince you that people are strange:

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