Thursday, February 7, 2019

Was Barbie's Boyfriend Ken's Black Sheep Brother Arrested In Tennessee?

Jullian Mitchell, arrested in Tennessee on identity theft
charges, looks like Ken's bad little brother.
I bet Barbie does NOT like him. 
The crime wasn't too spectacular.

A man named Julian R. Mitchell, 20, was recently arrested in Tennessee for identity theft.

Television station Fox 17 in Nashville says Mitchell tried to use somebody else's debit card at a bar, but the business system at the tavern said the card was lost or stolen. Mitchell was asked for his ID.

He handed over a Tennessee driver's license, but police said it was "plainly obvious" to the barkeep that this wasn't Mitchell's license.  

The real story here is the mug shot when Mitchell was booked. As you can see in this post, his photo is......stunning.

Stunning enough to cause a stir on social media.  When local media began tweeting about Mitchell's arrest, lots of people decided to add to the news story. You know, fill it out a bit.  I opinied that in an exclusive interview, Barbie's boyfriend Ken has no idea why his brother turned to a life of crime.

Other comments indicated Barbie might not be so squeaky clean: "Suspect was last seen in a red convertible with accomplice Barbie."

One person asked incredulously: "Identity theft? There are TWO people who look like that?"

Other people guessed at Mitchell's day job. I agree with one person who said he's Roger Stone's eyebrow consultant.

At least the guy isn't all match-matchy, given the blonde hair, red beard and very black, big eyebrows.

Anyway, enjoy my early nominee for Mug Shot Of The Year, 2019

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