Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mowing the Rain. How about hail?

After a great week where I was stuck indoors much of the time, it's the weekend, time to get outside and do landscaping, mowing, etc. for clients.

And it will pour all weekend, according to the forecast. In fact, we're under another flood watch here in northern Vermont. It has been one rainy spring, let me tell you.

So I'll try to mow in the rain. One  day last May, I was desperate to get things done so I mowed while it was snowing, and there was an inch of slush on part of the lawn. Nothing like wet grass and ice to clogged the mower.

I don't know how much I'll get done outside today, but it's clear some people are more determined than I am. I offer up the video, below. It shows golf ball sized hail coming down (Ouch!)  Will it stop this guy/idiot  from mowing the lawn? Well, see for yourself.

I wonder why the guy just didn't let the hail beat the lawn into submission. And I wonder how dented his mower is now. Hell, I wonder how dented his head is now.

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