Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Vermont Storm Chase

I had time yesterday to exercise my weather geekdom by chasing a strengthening thunderstorm south from near Burlington, Vermont down to Addison County, a good 30 miles.
Dramatic storm clouds loom over an
Addison, Vermont house yesterday.

I first saw the storm as a run-of-the-mill cumulus cloud northwest of Burlington, but it slowly developed. In South Burlington, it was a mild storm. In Charlotte, 10 miles to the south, the downpour was intense, and there was some nice. close lightning strikes.

By the time it got to Addison County, the storm had a nice Midwestern tornado vibe, though it was by no means as violent a storm as the kind you get out there.

But it had strong shifting winds, dramatic clouds, abrupt breaks of blue sky and torrential downpours. Plus, it behaved erratically, shifting to the east, redeveloping to the west, strengthening, weakening and reforming at will.

It wasn't the strongest storm in the world, but it was nice and photogenic. It was worth the chase.
Storm clouds threaten Addison, Vermont yesterday.

A video of the storm in Addison, Vermont as the storm passed just to the east is below.

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