Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Forever Rainbow.

It must have been nature's welcome for Jackson, our new eight-week old cocker spaniel. (More on Jackson in an item to be posted soon)

The "it" I refer to was this nice big rainbow that arced over my St. Albans, Vermont home Monday evening. It was Jackson's first day living with us.

This rainbow in St. Albans, Vt. on July 25 lasted a
good 45 minutes

There's a couple pics I took of the rainbow in this post.

What makes me think it was a welcoming rainbow was the fact it lasted so long. It was there continuously, the whole thing, without interruption for a good 45 minutes. Sometimes a more faint, second rainbow appeared with the original one.

You might also remember Darlusz Zabagaiskik the plastic Polish frog that serves as a muse and comic relief for this blog. The first day he arrived at the house, there was a big rainbow, too.
 Another view of the "forever"
rainbow in St. Albans July 25, 2011

Jeff didn't get a rainbow, really. Maybe rainbows don't like humans as much.

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