Sunday, May 29, 2016

Characters Are The Best Part Of Vermont City Marathon

One of many Vermont City Marathon
participants who did a hot 26.2 miles
wearing a tutu.  
It was too hot to work this morning, so I went down into Burlington to watch the tail end of the Vermont City Marathon.

It was too hot to run, too. Race organizers ultimately pulled the plug on the race four hours into it, obviously before everyone had crossed the finish line. The heat had grown too dangerous.

No kidding. I did notice too many ambulances screaming away from the race course toward the hospital on the hill.

Wouldn't you know after a cool spring, midsummer heat and humidity blasted into northern Vermont just in time for the marathon

Still, I'm glad I got to see part of the marathon, and the best part of it. Oh sure, it's thrilling to see who actually wins.

But I preferred my vantage point  where the runners were straggling behind a bit, They knew going into the race they weren't going to win. But they wanted to make it an experience.

Something on their bucket list.

Plus, some of these slightly slower runners turn everything into a celebration. Why not play dress up, or do something a bit entertaining? These are the people I like.

Looks terribly hot under that big
hat as this runner made his
way through 80 degree weather and high humidity

For some reason tutus are a big style trend among marathon runners. I saw a lot of 'em.

Some of the spectators got into the spirit, too. They held up funny signs, or did funny things. On street, a woman held a Sponge Bob Square Pants puppet to urge the runners on.

This post consists of some of my favorite quick snapshots I took during the race. Keep scrolling down. Some of the photos are down below this verbiage.

Click on the pics to make them bigger and easier to see.

Even when something is grueling, like running 26.2 miles in dangerous heat, or at least trying to, people made the best of it

Hmmm. Another tutu.

To get the needed encouragement
run with a t-shirt that will get a reactionA 

I spotted this colorful
character running the marathon  

Spongebob Square Pants offered
encouragement to runners  

A spectator hoses down an overheated
Vermont City Marathon participant 
Maybe this guy was watching the race too
close to the municipal sewage treatment plant?  
I liked this pair of runners 

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