Friday, May 20, 2016

Jewelry Store Heist Goes Awry Because Burglars Dumb

Inept burglars struggle with their watch store
heist near Stockholm, Sweden.  
Somebody filmed two dumb criminals break into a watch retailer in Sweden and the resulting video is an essay in incompetence.

The two take forever to break in and start loading the loot from the Klockmaster store in suburban Stockholm.

One tries to fire a gun to be a tough guy, but it jams. They struggle with the big bag and their little getaway scooter, which they have trouble starting.

They managed to get out of the mall, but were soon apprehended.

I don't know if it was smart for the guy to film the burglars, what with the gun and all, but the whole heist is something, let me tell ya.

H/T BoingBoing.

Here's the video:

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