Friday, May 5, 2017

Just In Time For Mother's Day, Kentucky Fried Chicken Offers Romance Of Sorts

Who knew?
A KFC bodice ripper for your mom
om Mother's Day.

It turns out Kentucky Fried Chicken's sales increase markedly on Mother's Day.

I get it that dutiful families don't want mom to cook on Mother's Day, but really? Kentucky Fried Chicken? Whatever.

It gets even weirder.

This year, KFC has issued of all things a romance novel to keep mom entertained on her big day a week from Sunday.

The 92-page novel is called "Tender Wings Of Desire."

The cover image, which is unfortunately in this post, shows a ripped Colonel Sanders in a sleeveless shirt carrying a woman in his arms, who has a purse around her shoulder and a chicken wing in the other hand.

A big bucket of KFC chicken is nearby, in case our loving couple get even hungrier.

You can get this novella on Amazon for free. The story tells the tale of Lady Madeline Parker in Victorian England who needs to choose between a loveless marriage and Colonel saners, a supposed sailor who might not be who he seems.

If you love bad prose, this is totally for you. Here's an excerpt:

"He was the most handsome person she had ever seen; een his beard made him look more manly than unkempt. 

''I've never seen a sailor who wore glasses before,' she said suddenly. He grinned.

'Neither have I. Then again, I don't often look in the mirror,' he replied.

She felt her cheeks blush a flame red, and she retreated to the kitchen to stop them from blushing further."

It probably gets worse than that, but I'll let you figure that out if you go to Amazon, if you dare, to pick up this bodice-ripper.

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