Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ryanair Incident Starts Ominous, But Things Change

This passenger on a recent Ryanair flight was confronted by flight
attendants for something he brought on the plane. But this
didn't end the way many recent ugly airline incidents did.
Usually, when an airline doesn't like what you're doing, or you interfere with their efforts to make maximum profits, they abuse you and possibly beat you up.

Ryanair doesn't have the best reputation in the world, but at least in this case, what they did to a passenger who brought on a possession that was maybe a little too big for their tastes looked ominous at first. 

Two flight attendants on a Ryanair flight come up to a passenger and demand to know what's in a large case he's holding.

It turns out to be an accordion. wasn't all that bad. The French passenger in the video below doesn't understand English with an Irish accent, so he gets help from a fellow passenger.

The flight attendents do end up having a demand:  "What us this? An accordion? This is an Irish company and you h ave to play the accordion," one of the flight attendants instructs our guy.

So, the man plays "Dirty Old Town" by the Pogues, and what had initially looked like one of those ugly airline incidents we've seen so much of lately turned out wonderfully.

Here's the video. I wish all issues on airplanes ended like this:

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