Thursday, September 6, 2018

How Not To Own The Libs: Colin Kaepernick Edition

Colin Kaepernick is in a Nike ad, which is really annoying
some really dumb Trump fans. 
As you heard all over the news, Nike hired Colin Kaepernick for its latest "Just Do It" ad campaign, commemorating 30 years of this theme.

I know the Kaepernick thing pales in comparison to the historic week we're having, but the Nike ad is still a pretty good Rorschach test of what people are thinking.

By the way, the Nike ad is pretty damn good. Watch it at the bottom of this post.

And the people who hate the Nike/Kaepernick ad are really revealing themselves as being, well, not too bright.

Kaepernick, as you might remember, led the "Take The Knee" protests in which NFL players kneel during the National Anthem at games to demonstrate for racial quality and against police brutality.

Many conservatives, including Donald Trump and his cult members supporters insist the kneeling is all about hating the National Anthem, America and veterans. I'm not sure how they leap to that conclusion, but they do leap, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Try as they might to find it, there's no evidence Kaepernick or those kneeling NFL players ever said they "hate America." Plus, peaceful protests such as this fall squarely under First Amendment rights, and people who peacefully demonstrate against real or perceived injustices have long been regarded as patriots.

Not by the Trumpsters, though. Intelligence isn't the strongest suit among many of those Trumpsters.

The backlash against Nike and Kaepernick over the past day or so is a case in point.  Many of them have taken to social media with videos and GIFs of them burning their Nike shoes, shirts, shorts etc. in protest of the Kaepernick campaign.

They're burning items they already own, that they've paid for, that Nike has already collected the money on. So who's "winning"?

These trumpsters have becoming the laughing stock all over social media, especially Twitter.

As in tweet from Tony Posnanski says: "I just wrote "Nike" on twenty dollar bills and burned them to own the libs."

At @Emma_Rafter tweeted: "Republicans are boycotting Nike because of an ad. Some are even riping the logo off from their clothes and are in uproar because they sponsor Colin Kapernick. But liberals are the 'snowflakes'?"

Tea Pain has been great on this issue:

"NARRATOR: 'In the late 1930s, white supremacists burned books they opposed politically. By 2018, racists were mostly illiterate and burned their shoes instead.'"

@DanielWatsonSD tweeted in part. "same group that refused to believe their 'leader' isn't anti-American as he conspired with Russia."

@CoolTrainerEl raised a very good point: "Nike made Kap the face of their campaign. The face of Under Armour told the POTUS he's not visiting the White House. Puma made Jay-Z, who supports Kap, brand ambassador. Adidas has rappers on the payroll who support Kap's message. What are you going to wear, white people?"

I hope something. I'd really hate to see most of these Trumpiters naked.

More comments:  @markloughney tweeted: "Since when did people become stupid enough to set their own stuff on fire?"

Oh, honey, there have been stupid people for a long time. The only difference now is that they seem proud of it.

@mjf1958 : "You know what you should do...go to the store and get more Nike stuff to burn... that'll teach 'em!

A lot of people on social media wondered why these angry Trumpsters didn't just give away their Nike stuff to homeless people, particularly homeless veterans.

Apparently, Nike is going to run the Colin Kaepernick ad during Thursday night NFL. That should be fun to watch. Here's the ad:


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