Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Ultimate Ugly American Arrested in Uganda

Ugly American racist Jimmy Taylor, in red shirt, was arrested
for assaulting hotel staff in Uganda. 
Earlier in August, an American named Jimmy Taylor from Arizona was arrested in Kampala, Uganda.

For good reason. For a full two minutes at least he went off on a hotel's staff for at least two minutes, knocking stuff off tables, assaulting them, yelling at them and using the N-word for good measure

It appears this tirade was all because a hotel room wasn't available for him. describes the scene:

"You hate Jesus. You hate yourself. You hate me. You disgrace Jesus. Huh? Talk. Talk!" (Taylor yells). And then he punches the hotel front desk staffer in the face. The man restrains himself. Folds his arms and takes another hit. "Come on bitch. Come on, whore. You open my fxxxxxg room. I'll fxxxxg kill you. And he strikes the man again."

The kicker is this idiot is supposedly a Christian missionary, spreading the word of the Bible worldwide. I didn't think "fxxk" or the N-word were in the Bible, but what do I know?

For good measure, when Taylor was arrested, police said he "turned rowdy, uncontrollable and tried to disarm policemen."

 So not only do we have people in the United States feeling emboldened in this political climate to openly conduct racists attacks, now we're spreading that "joy" to the rest of the world.

Taylor claims to have PTSD and that allegedly is what triggered this outburst. I'm not convinced. I think he's just a jerk. The ulimate ugly American

Here's the video of this racist moron's antics in Uganda, if you can stand it:

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