Sunday, January 27, 2019

"Jumper Cable Jam" Is Delightful Result Of Chance Neighborhood Meeting; You Will Smile

A random woman named Cleopatra walked by some musicians
jamming on an Oakland, California stoop.
The result was glorious. 
I love it when random, inconsequential moments turn into an alchemy that puts us all in a good mood.

Such was the case this month in Oakland, California. The ingredients to what happened are no big deal.

A couple members of a musical group called Milk For The Angry were on a front stoop, just jamming with their instruments.

A car on the street broke down, and somebody went to get jumper cables to get the vehicle running again. A woman named Cleopatra walked by.  From what I can gather, she was bringing popcorn and ice cream to her brother. Those jumper cables were also on her mind. Then she took notice of the musicians on the stoop.

Cleopatra joined in, and the rest is glorious history. I just LOVE Cleopatra. Watch, and you will, too:

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