Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Randy Rainbow's Latest: He Takes On Trump's Wall

Randy Rainbow is back with another parody song and video, called
"There's Nothing Like A Wall."
Our latest installment of the Randy Rainbow video series takes on Donald Trump's border wall.

To the tune of "There's Nothing Like A Dame" from Rodger and Hammerstein's 1949 classic "South Pacific," Rainbow takes us on a tour of what Trump gets, such as badgered, booed and heckled coast to coast, but he doesn't have his wall.

Sample lyric: "There is nothing like an unnecessary 2,000 mile barrier that says hey look at us world we're a bunch of mother***ing assholes."

As is almost always the case with his videos, Rainbow starts off with a news "interview," this time with Vice President, and as Rainbow puts it, "Ru Paul's Drag Race Season Three Finalist" Mike Pence, then launches into his tune.

Here's the video:

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