Saturday, July 23, 2016

Boy And His Duck Are Best Buddies And Give Us A Needed Smile

Jonny and Nibbles hang out in the pool together.  
In a world filled with bad news, bad politicians and general negativity, I have to sometimes post something that makes me and hopefully other people get a quick smile.

This is one of those instances.  The mother of a California duck named Nibbles died before it hatched.

As The Dodo notes, Nibbles ended up imprinting on Jonny Toschi, now 10, as if the kid were Nibbles' parent. The arrangement created a beautiful friendship between boy and duck.

For more smiles watch the video at the bottom of the post when Nibbles sees that Jonny has gotten out of school and they can be together again.

There's a whole Facebook page featuring the Adventures of Jonny and Nibbles.

Awesome!  This is one duck dynasty I can enjoy.

Here's the video:

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