Thursday, July 21, 2016

Movie Songs Sometimes Suck. This One DEFINITELY Does Not

I've decided "Bad Seed Rising" by the band Bad Seed Rsing (confused yet?)
is one of my favorite movie theme songs.  
Sometimes songs from movies are great, others, not so much.

Many of the great ones are from James Bond films. Adele's "Skyfall" comes to mind, and there are many more.   

Another good one to my mind is from the James Bond-ish spoof "Spy," the Melissa McCarthy comedy that came out a year or two ago.

The song from "Spy" is "Bad Seed Rising" and the tune has the best attitude.  Confusingly, sort of, the name of the band is also Bad Seed Rising. They're pretty damn good, though.

"The girl ain't a good girl no more!"

Words to live by, for sure. 

Here's the music video, which contains scenes from "Spy"

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