Thursday, July 28, 2016

Watch This Ad And Be Very Afraid. Of Donald Trump

So this guy might get his hands on the nuclear code?  
The video at the bottom of this post is the kind of political ad we're going to have to get used to in the coming months.

This one, released at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday, is a good one, and is about as devasting an indictment of Donald Trump as you can get.

As Trump practically begged the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's emails the other day, foreign policy experts were appalled.

Some of these experts aren't huge fans of Hillary, but they figure at least she's sane.

Sure, a Republican presidential candidate should relentlessly go after his Democratic opponent's record. But trying to enlist a foreign government, one that's pretty much an enemy of the United States to do the dirty work, makes me scared as to what kind of foreign policy Trump would have.

He's vindictive, and goes after his opponents without regard to consequence.

I don't always agree with Hillary Clinton, but she was right to remark Thursday night during her acceptance speech that Trump gets all huffy over a mean Tweet, so is he going to nuke, say, Germany if Angela Merkel looks at him the wrong way?

Hey, let's start a nuclear war!

Trump keeps saying we're unsafe and he'll make us all safe.

Um, really?

Let's just listen to these mostly Republican politicians, pundits and Defense Department gurus have to say. Note:

 The video from YouTube is "unlisted" meaning they discourage sharing it. I normally obey such directives, but since this is of national interest and has already been widely seen, there's no harm in showing it.


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