Monday, August 22, 2016

Listen To These Horrible Pro-Trump Racists On CB Radios And Be Totally Terrified.

There were also plenty of Confederate flags at
a Massachusetts rally where extremely racist CB
radio chatter was captured.  
Yep, some Donald Trump supporters are racist, that's for sure.

Not all of them. Definitely not. But Raw Story  via Winning Democrats, has an interesting take from a rally in Massachusetts in late July in which their chatter was caught on CB radio.

It's definitely chilling and scary. And this is coming from a white guy. Imagine if an African American were nearby and heard what you'll read about.

From Raw Story:

"A Massachusetts convoy of Trump supporters drove from Wrentham to Foxboro in their trucks, RVs and SUVs on July 31 and were caught on tape spewing racist epithets and calls for anti-black violence.

'Lynch the ni**ers by their dicks,!' said one driver, according to Winning Democrats, which highlighted a YouTube video of what the 'Make America Great Again' convoy talked about on its CB channel when they thought no one was listening."

'Burn every single ni**ger!' says another driver.

'All I know is we got plenty of trees to hang ni**gers from,' says another.

 Yeah, real sweethearts in this group of idiots.

The YouTube video is at the bottom of this post. It's very disturbing. First of all, the group in the trucks and at the rally were pretty scary looking, judging from the video.

I'm sure the YouTube video only selected the most abhorrent words. And I suppose we could question the veracity o the video, but from what I can tell it seems legit.

It came from Winning Democrats, as I noted, and they are obviously an advocacy group against Trump, but all evidence supports the idea the CB traffic is real.

The video proves the point I've made quite often lately: Donald Trump isn't really the scary one. It's some of his supporters:

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