Sunday, August 14, 2016

Watch These Trump Supporter Get Hilariously Trolled With Fake Ads

This group of Trump supporters fell for incredibly
ridiculous fake Trump campaign ads  
A Triumph The Insult Comic Dog video circulating now is both hilarious and wincing.

A group of Trump supporters were brought in as a focus group to review potential Donald Trump campaign ads.

But it was a set up. The ads were fake and intentionally way, way over the top.

The video is an amazing window on  how people are so easily led to suspend disbelief and actually attach themselves to something ludicrous.

It's both funny and scary.

I know the intention of this video is to pick on Trump supporters who will stand by him no matter what.

But to be fair, I'm sure people of all political stripes would fall for this too.

It's a 15-minute video, but still worth the time and the repeated jaw drops you will experience.


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