Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Miranda Lambert Stops Concert For An Awesome, Moving Moment

Miranda Lambert displays a beautiful sign a
fan was holding that moved her to tears at a
recent concert 
I'm a big fan of Miranda Lambert.

Her songwriting is amazing, and so is her wonderful country music voice.

Some people are even bigger fans of Lambert. Like the person who held up a sign at a recent Miranda Lambert concert in Hartford Connecticut.

The sign read, "3 combat tours - your voice was the last thing I heard every night. Thank you."

When Lambert spotted the sign, she had just launched into her classic song "The House That Built Me."

She couldn't finish the song. She was understandably moved to tears.. I think this is why performers like Lambert do their job; many of them want their music to help and comfort people, to help understand life, and get them through their days

So a big thanks to Lambert, and an even bigger thanks to the soldier who held up the sign.

Here's a viral video from that concert moment:

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