Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Massachusetts Neighborhood Combats Anti-Gay Bigotry In Best Possible Way

Some anti-gay bigot vandalized Cari and Laura Ryding's
house in Natick Massachusetts. But what the neighbors
did about it was perfect. A 
My new favorite town is Natick, Massachusetts.

A married same-sex couple, Cari and Laura Ryding of Natick, recently came home from vacation to find their rainbow gay pride flag stolen and the front of their house egged.

Somebody doesn't like gay people, apparently.

The Rydings were understandably nervous that something like this would happen again, and they filed a police report, just to have a record of what happened in case something else came up.

What happened next, though, restored the Rydings' faith in humanity and especially their neighborhood, where they've lived for several years.

One by one, neighbors put up gay pride rainbow flags on their houses and properties. As of last report, at least two thirds of the homes in the Rydings' neighborhood have gay pride flags flying.

"The first thing when I heard about it, Alright, I'm going to put up a flag. We should all put up flags," neighbor Maura Gaughan told television station WCVB.

Kids in the neighborhood rode around on bikes, delivering flags to homes.

The Rydings are grateful, to say the least.

"It's wild. Just fill up with tears driving down the street," Cari Ryding said.

Here's the full report from television station WCVB:

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