Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Texas Lowe's Store Hires Two New Employees. Both Doing Great

Clay Luthy and his service dog
hard at work in an Abilene, Texas Lowe's
A Lowe's store in Abilene Texas recently made a new hire for a sales associate.

Turns out the hire was a twofer.

The human resources department had several applicants for a part time job at the Abilene Lowe's and it turns out Clay Luthy, a disabled Air Force veteran, was the best person for the job.

The catch is Luthy needs has service dog, Charlotte, to be with him. So Lowe's hired Charlotte, too, says television station KRBC in Abilene.

The pair have been working at Lowe's for the past two months and they are a hit with staff and customers.

Lowe's does make minor accommodations for Luthy and Charlotte, such as scheduling them to work in the paint department so that Charlotte has a place to sit.

Like all Lowe's employees both Luthy and Charlotte wear red vests with the corporate logo on them. That helps customers understand when Charlotte is working. You can't pet her while she's on the job, so the vest is a polite "hands off" signal.

Good job, Lowe's, for knowing a good hire when they see one, and for being willing to make some minor but nice accommodations for the employee.

I wish all employers could be that understanding.

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