Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Replaced Yule Log With Dumpster Fire Because 2016 Was That Kind Of Year.

Spirt of the holidays: A 2016 dumpster
fire Christmas tree ornament. 
You all know the Yule Log on TV. Just footage of a fireplace, burning log crackling amidst the flames.

Peaceful.  Homey. Warm.

But that's most years, This year is different. What a disaster of a year!

So, at the bottom of this post, enjoy 13 minutes of a fake dumpster fire, which pretty much sums up the mood of this season.

Maybe a train wreck would be more appropriate, but that would be too much of a fire hazard for your house, I think.

We'll settle for the dumpster.

If you're really inspired by the dumpster fire below, and really want to get into the spirit of the season, click on this sentence to learn how to make your own dumpster fire Christmas tree ornament.

Now the video:

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