Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trump, Putin Star In Last Nights Hysterical, Terrifying SNL Cold Opening

"Vladimir Putin" and "Donald Trump" on
Saturday Night Livv last night. 
In case you haven't seen it, you have to check out last night's Saturday Night Live cold opening, which features, well, the usual suspects.

These include Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and a few other familiar characters.

The real Donald Trump is going to HATE this, and I'm sure we'll hear about it via his Twitter account.

The other day, Trump blasted on Twitter a Vanity Fair magazine for an unfavorable restaurant review on one of his hotels. The result was that new Vanity Fair subscriptions skyrocketed.

I think SNL keeps getting Alec Baldwin to poke fun at Trump to ensure it stays on the air forever, with the help of Trump's Twitter feed.

This is definitely worth the watch, though. I laughed out loud:

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