Friday, July 14, 2017

Cringe-Worthy 1950s Song Proves There Has Always Been Bad Music

April Stevens had a cringe-worthy
song in 1959
Just for variety, I sometime switch over to the 1950s music channel on Sirius when I'm out driving around in my truck.

Back in the '50s, people had a lot of fun with their voices and music and subject matter that you don't see today. Think do-wop. Think The Coasters. That type of thing.

For proof, however, that our current era doesn't have a lock on bad music, sometimes the 1950s station plays some clunkers.

There was one I'd never heard before and had me laughing out loud.

It's called "Teach Me, Tiger." by April Stevens. (No, I'd never heard of her, either.)

In the song, she's trying to be Marilyn Monroe with mixed success, to say the least. In "Teach Me Tiger," she breathlessly, passionately asks her beau to teach her the ways of love.

Stevens tries to suggestively sigh and moan, but it sounds like someone with emphysema trying to blow into a microphone, which isn't terribly sexy to me. But what to I know?

I'm sure April Stevens was a fine musician. But, I dunno, this one doesn't work.

So, for a laugh, or torture or both, here's "Teach Me, Tiger" by April Stevens:

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