Saturday, July 8, 2017

Macklemore's Grandma Makes The Best Music Video

Macklemore, and his grandmother, age 100, live it up
in the video for his new song "Glorious."
I'm not crazy about Macklemore's new song, "Glorious."  

It's not a diss on Macklemore and his funny, odd brand of music. Just not my cup of tea.

Although his most famous song, "Thrift Shop" was pretty fun. And Macklemore's gay friendly and kind "One Love" was pretty inspiring.

This new Macklemore song is good, but not my favorite of the year. Just my personal taste.

However, the music video for the new song is just glorious. Which is lucky, since the name of the song is "Glorious."

In the music video, Macklemore surprises his grandmother with a visit on her 100th birthday. (She's really his grandmother, and she's really 100.)

BoingBoing describes the video as follows:

"He then drives the new centenarian (in a badass gold Cadillac El Dorado convertible, no less) to a karaoke bar, a thrift store (naturally) the local grocery store (where they race motorized shopping carts) and other stops along the way. All over town, they have good old-fashioned fun, and cause a bit of trouble.

When they get back to her house, he's got more surprises waiting for her, including strippers and a giant birthday cake."

So yeah, this is a feel good video. Macklemore really seems like a decent guy. And good for Macklemore for finding the right person - his centenarian grandma - to make the perfect music video.


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