Sunday, September 10, 2017

At Least Eight Years Of Selfies Manages To Make Compelling Video

Sometimes, people who take a lot of selfies seem, well, self-absorbed.
Hugo Cornellier of Montreal took a selfie every day
since he was 12 and put them all together in a
really neat video

But in some cases, the whole thing turns out pretty cool.  

Such is the case with Hugo Cornellier of the Montreal area of Canada. Starting at age 12, he took a selfie every day. Through at least this past August. 

Pretty much all of the selfies are of him sitting in front of the computer, a fairly expressionless look on his face in each photo.

In these nine or so years, he amassed 2,500 or so of these selfies. 

Cornellier then compiled them into a really cool video. The video starts with him, age 12 as I said, boyish and young, and passes through time as beards come and go, haircuts grow long and short. 

One of the fun things about the video, which you can see at the bottom of this post, is the changes in the hair. It looks like he's being windblown a bit. 

To make the video cooler, he manually stabilized the images so that his face is in the exact center of the video's frame, according to  Even as the background shifts, Cornellier is in exactly the same spot. 

The video ends nicely with the day he got married, and those photos are a departure from the 2,500 others. There's just a few images of enjoying his big day with his new bride.

Here's the video:

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