Friday, January 12, 2018

Anderson Cooper Gives Best Rebuttal To Shithole President Who Called Nations Shitholes

Anderson Cooper last night had a dignified but
devastatingtakedown of Donald Trump's shithole remake
Since yesterday, everybody has been flabbergasted and apoplectic over Donald Trump's comments about not wanting immigrants from what he called "shithole" countries like Haiti and African nations.

You have to hand it to Trump: He always manages to outdo himself with his outrages and his racism and his scumminess.

The sad part is that some Trump supporters, both in and outide the White House, are pleased as punch with Trump's remarks, because they will resonate with Trump's base. 

Yep, apparently, that's the most important part here, making sure Trump's small core of racist morons stay happy.

Like practically everybody else, I never thought Trump could actually hit a new low, but he did. Like practically everybody else, I could really get going on responding to this crap from Trump. Instead, I'll let Anderson Cooper do it. The CNN host had the most thoughtful, emotional and damning response to Trump I've heard so far.

Let's watch and listen:

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