Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ultimate Instant Karma For Package Thief. Ouch!

The package thief in this photo is about to get a very ]
painful dose of karma, and the video has gone viral. 
The video at the bottom of this post is really a sight to behold.

The video shows a UPS driver leaving a package at a Bothell, Washington doorstep. Moments later, a car pulls up and a woman is seen in the security video running up to the house to grab the packages.

She starts to run off across the lawn to the waiting car. We all know, though, that it's wet this time of year in Washington State and the grass is sopping wet.

Inevitably, our thief slips and falls on the grass, the packages scattering.

What gives us all a sense of mean satisfaction is the woman is definitely hurt. Badly. She can't get up.  If you look closely, it appears her ankle might be broken.

Her accomplice has to come out of the car, and carry her as she howls in pain. After the guy dumps the woman in the car of course he comes back to grab the packages. Gotta complete the theft, ya know.

The boxes that were stolen contained medication. If it's pain medication, this woman will need it.

Police say they've identified the woman in the video, so I imagine an arrest is pending. Sucks to have a hurt leg in a jail cell, I bet. Normally I don't laugh at injured people, but this poor excuse for a woman fully deserves to be mocked.

Here's the video:

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