Thursday, January 4, 2018

Logan Paul YouTube Apology Prompts Classic, Biting Apology Parody

Logan Paul is the latest YouTube star to apologize after really
crossing a line. This inspired the very biting
parody video in this post. 
A guy named Logan Paul has been in the news this week.

He's this big star on YouTube who does a blog in which he does all kinds of crazy, stupid and weird things for entertaining. He has quite a big following. At least did. (He did have up to 15 million subscribers on YouTube. )

He took it a step way too far recently when he uploaded images to YouTube of what was apparently the body of a person who had committed suicide in a Japanese forest. 

Needless to say, there was quite an outcry and the video was taken down. Paul issued two apologies. The first, in which he said he was just trying to raise awareness of suicide, was deemed inadequate.

Amid the growing furor, Paul says he is suspending is YouTube vlog for awhile to give himself "time to reflect."

This series of fumbles and bad apologies has become a trope among YouTube stars, who often try to get more and more outrageous to attract clicks, views and advertising dollars.

Which leads us to this parody series of "apologies" from this fake version of a YouTube biggie.

Lots of truth in the style of this parody:

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