Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ingenious Idea: Truckers Park Under Bridge To Prevent Suicide

Tractor trailer trucks park beneath a bridge long I-696 in Detroit to
prevent a suicidal man from getting hurt if he jumped off the bridge. 
A guy in Detroit this week was going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and onto busy I-696.

Police were called to try to negotiate with the guy to make him change his mind. That part of the story is unfortunately common. Happens all the time.

But the part of this story I - and pretty much the rest of social media and the public in general likes - is another way police and semi-truck drivers cooperated to prevent the suicide.

The cops closed the highway to traffic, except for 13 semi-truck drivers, who they let through. The catch was, the 13 truck drivers would park cheek-by-jowl under the bridge. If the guy did jump, he'd land on the roof of one of the trucks, which were only a few feet below the bridge. If the guy jumped, he probably wouldn't have even gotten hurt.

After a few hours, the suicidal guy agreed to give up and go to the hospital for an evaluation.

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