Thursday, April 19, 2018

This Got Talent Clip Is REALLY Magical

Marc Spellman on "Britain's Got Talent" seemed low key, but......
As anyone who reads this blog thingy knows, I am a fan of those "reality" talent shows in which people sing, dance, do magic, do something weird for fame and fortune.

This season's "Britain's Got Talent" has started, and the first coveted "Golden Buzzer" has been bestowed. Deservedly.  

The Golden Buzzer is given to contestants who wow the judges durin their auditions. It forwards the contestants on to later shows, without having to compete with earlier hoi polloi and earlier rounds.

This Golden Buzzer contestant is a magician names Marc Spellman. Be patient with the clip, because frankly, this guy starts out a little sluggish and low key, and you wonder what the hell he's trying to do.

But it's totally worth the watch:

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