Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sewage Leak Forces Baseball Game To Shut Down. Ewww!

A smelly sewage problem developed in Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles
during an exhibition game this week. 
Baseball games are called for all sorts of reasons: Rain, lightning, hail. Even snow!

But this is a new one. Sewage forced the premature end of an exhibition game at Dodgers Stadium last week.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the sewage mishap killed the exhibition game between the Dodgers and Angels in the fifth inning on Tuesday.

The LA Times says the Dodgers have not exactly said what was spilled, but we do know it was brown and smelly and didn't seem to want to stop gurgling out.

I totally feel sorry for the groundskeepers who had to try to contain the icky brown flood.

Dodgers Pitcher Ross Stripling had this little editorial comment about the situation.

"Crappy way to end the spring.... Get it?"

Unfortunately,  yeah, we get it.

We're told the problem has been fixed and we can get on with Major League Baseball season in Los Angeles.

Here's the video:

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