Sunday, April 29, 2018

Wedding Day Blues: Bride's Drunk Driving Arrest Before Ceremony

Police said this women was driving to her wedding
but was drunk behind the wheel. 
At most weddings I've been to, there's been a fair amount of drinking. Which is great, because it's a celebration! I'll drink to that!

Like most people on their wedding day, both my husband Jeff and I were stone cold sober, each surely with a blood alcohol content of 0.0 percent before and during our vows nearly six years ago.

 I can't guarantee the same for later that day, during the post-wedding celebration.

You want to - pardon the pun - drink in the moment of your vows, and it's easiest to do that while sober.

A bride in Arizona didn't think so. She was drunk before the wedding, which led to a highly embarrasing and dangerous situation:

Police said she was drunk behind the wheel,  and in March caused a crash that sent one person to the hospital with what thankfully turned out to be minor injuries.

Even worse, we were treated to the spectacle of the bride being cuffed at the scene in her full-length wedding dress. No word on whether she made it to the ceremony, or even if there was one.

Though police said she was on her way to her wedding, and told them that at the scene of the crash. However, the woman, Amber Young, 32, said later that she was not on her way to her wedding that day and was wearing a sundress as she drove to meet a friend for lunch

You be the judge.

Her attorney said police posted the photo, not as a warning against drunk driving, but to mock Young.

In any event, don't drink and drive, whether you're going to your wedding, or just ready to have lunch.

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