Sunday, May 6, 2018

All-Star SNL Trump Spoof Cold Opening Unfortunately Like Fake News

Last night's Saturday Night Live had an epic sketch in which Stormy Daniels
played....Stormy Daniels, Alec Baldwin was Donald Trump and Ben Stiller
was Michael Cohen. Other stars rounded out the Trump saga
cast of characters 
Saturday Night Live pulled out all the stops last night in its cold opening, with an all-star cast spoofing the tangled web that is the Trump administration.

The cold opening was funny, of course, in a pathetic, icky way, but it kind of felt like some sort of real -life re-enactment.

The entire cast of creepy characters is in this sketch. Martin Short plays Dr. Harold Bernstein, the bonkers Trump physician who says (in real life, not the sketch!) his offices were raided by Trump henchmen.

Ben Stiller plays the beleaguered attorney Michael Cohen. Andy Bryant has a brief appearance as Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Kate McKinnon does it again, transforming into Rudy Giuliani. Alec Baldwin's Trump character in the sketch calls Giuliani the greatest legal mind since "My Cousin Vinny."

Scarlett Johansson makes an appearance as the cool smooth operator Ivanka Trump, while Jimmy Fallon is with her as the wimpy nerdy Jared Kushner.

Like I said, an all-star cast.

Stormy Daniels is played by........ the real Stormy Daniels!

Alec Baldwin's Trump asks Daniels: "What do you need for this to all go away?"

"A resignation," Daniels replies to hoots from the audience.

Daniels adds: "I know you don't believe in climate change, but a storms a comin' baby."

Here's the video. Like I said, funny but probably a real life re-enactment:

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