Saturday, May 19, 2018

Racist Ranting Anti-Spanish Creepy Lawyer Gets Awesome Mariachi Party

Aaron Schlossberg, whose vile racist rant went viral, has a very,
very bad week because everybody is hating on him. Good!
I've heard a few people say that maybe we're piling up too hard on Aaron Schlossberg.

Schlossberg is that icky New York lawyer in that viral video ranting against a couple of people because they were speaking in Spanish to each other in public.

Imagine! Hearing someone speak a language other than English in New York City of all places!


Well, that video has everybody thinking Schlossberg is a piece of crap, and they're right. And he's had a rough few days because of it. Hounded by the press, his landlord kicking his law office to the curb, everybody hating on him.

It's been suggested it's time to lay off him. However, Schlossberg was exercising his free speech, in a particularly odious way, when he ranted at those people for gawd knows why. And people are exercising their free speech when they're callilng Schlossberg out on his stupidity.

Incidentally, Schlossberg seems to have a habit of ranting at "foreigners" or whatever, so he's finally getting his comeuppance.

And I have to say, some of the protests have been pretty damn fun. I don't know why he just doesn't participate. Yesterday, there was a mariachi party in front of Schlossberg's apartment building. (In a nice touch, whoever manages that building flew a Mexican flag on its roof.)

I also hear the tacos served at the mariachi party/protest in front of Schlossberg's apartment building were delicious.

I'm sure Schlossberg has gotten death threats, which is completely wrong and shouldn't happen. But these simultaneously light hearted and serious protests against Schlossberg are just perfect. And should continue.

Here's a clip of the mariachi event in front of his building yesterday:

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