Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Jerk Shatters Glass Table All Over My Road, Shrugs, Keeps Driving

This isn't the actual glass on my road, but some idiot had a glass deck table
fall off his truck trailer on my road. Then he left it there, glass covering
both lanes of the road. Idiot.
I'm writing a note here to the jerk last night who left a "gift" on the road I live on, Fairfield Hill Road, otherwise known as Route 36 here in St. Albans.

Dear Idiot in the dark pickup truck towing the trailer: I was outdoors in my gardens on a lovely spring evening last night when I heard what sounded like a nasty crash. I didn't know what caused the noise at that moment, but I saw you. 

The crashing noise happened. Something had obviously fallen out of the trailer you were towing. You heard the noise, because you slowed down quite a bit. But then, and I could see you in the driver's side window, you sort of shrugged, hit the gas and took off up the hill.

Then I noticed the other cars slowing down and stopping. I went out to the road to have a look. Glinting in the sun was all kinds of shattered glass glinting on the pavement in the setting sun all over busy Fairfield Hill Road.

Yep, you had your nice outdoor glass table. It fell off the back of your trailer. Hey, accidents happen. I can't really knock you for that, although you should have secured things better. Things have fallen out of my truck bed when I'm hauling things, too. It's embarrasing.

But at least I stop and pick up whatever fell out of my truck. You kept going, leaving motorists to drive over all that broken glass. I wonder if you caused any flat tires, if any.

You don't care, though, do you? You messed up, and made it our problem. You can't take responsibility for your own mistakes, can you?

I went down there with a push broom and started trying to sweep the glass off the road. Kind of a hard job, because the glass pieces were everywhere, covering a huge part of the road. A woman in sandals called police, who called the fire department, to try to help get the glass off the road.

Me, the woman and my neighbor who happened to be driving up the road just after this happened took turns with the push broom while waiting for police. I directed traffic around the glass as best I could when I wasn't sweeping.

All this hassle, because you're stupid and selfish, Mr. Idiot who dropped the glass table. Maybe you didn't stop because you were drunk? Try explaining the table to the cop while your speech is slurred. I don't know if you'd been drinking but it's a possibility, isn't it?

I know what's going to happen next. You're probably going to commit insurance fraud. After all, that table was expensive, and you never got to use it.

You'll tell the insurance company that you bought this nice new table for your deck. It was wonderful, until the "thieves stole it."

Things are always being dropped off vehicles along my road, so you're not the only one who's into this behavior, Mr. Idiot Glass Table Dropper.

I'm constantly picking up big debris in front of my house, and paying the disposal costs. Because it's the new American Way, isn't it? Make a mistake or do something stupid, and make somebody else pay for it.

So, Mr. Idiot Glass Table Dropper, I hope your nice deck where you planned to put that table collapses completely. Like tomorrow.

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