Thursday, May 3, 2018

Recycled, Frozen Adventurer's Toes Going To Yukon Bar

Nick Griffiths lost some toes in a frigid Yukon endurance race back in
February, but his digits live on in a bar cocktail. (ewww!)
I'm all for recycling. Why make the world's refuse problem even worse? Just re-use stuff.

However, anything can be taken to a bit of an extreme, and I think Nick Griffiths is doing just that.

Griffiths was one of several people who ended up hospitalized from injuries suffered in extreme cold while competing in the long distance backcountry Yukon Arctic Ultra race in February.  

The race - your choice between 100 miles or 300 miles was run amid temperatures of around 40 below. No wonder several people got frostbite.

Griffiths was among them. He had three toes amputated due to severe frostbite. But what to do with the discarded toes?

The answer: Give them to the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, home of the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail, reports CBC in Canada.

The cocktail has a simple, but, to me at least, an unappetizing recipe: It's a shot of whiskey with a real human digit bobbing in the glass. Yep, somebody's toe or finger.


Griffiths said the Downtown Hotel contacted him and said, "Can we have them if you're not going to need them anymore?"

The hotel needs the toes in reserve in case they lose them themselves. Once, a customer stole a toe, and another time, a customer swallowed a toe for a $500 fee. (Dawson Hotel policy is there's a $500 fine for swallowing a toe.)

So if you ever go up to Dawson, Yukon, there's an interesting cocktail waiting for you up there.

Or not.

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