Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A Musician Named Willie K An Amazing National Anthem

Willie K stuns with his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner 
Recently, there was a forgettable football game in Hawaii that nobody ever would have heard of if not for a guy named Willie K.

Willie K is a wildly popular musician in Hawaii, but many of us had never heard of him, until now.

He's certainly a brave musician. He was asked to perform the National Anthem at this football game, and he had the temerity to change the melody of the song. Usually, messing with the melody of the National Anthem is anathema. Nobody likes it.

But in this case, it worked. Big time. With his ukelele, natch.

Plus his voice was so powerful, so perfect, so poignant. This, despite the fact the guy is battling lung cancer of all things. I would think that lung cancer would screw up a singer's voice, but I hear no sign of it in the viral video that resulted from Willie K's performance.

Meghan McCain, daughter of recently deceased American patriot John McCain, said it just as well as anybody could in this tweet: "This brought tears to my eyes - one of the most gorgeous performances fo the Star-Spangled Banner I've every heard. Just absolutely beautiful.

I totally agree.

Here's the video:

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