Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Old Video By The Association Has Dated Hillariously Poorly

Two members of The Association in this old video. Perhaps not
the most dapper look?
I stumbled on an old video of the 1960s group The Association performing their hit "Never My Love" and the video is kitschy comedic gold.  

I know I shouldn't pick on them. The Association were big 1960s hit makers with their usually mellow pop. Styles have changed since the 1960s, so we shouldn't abuse them too much.

But abuse The Association, I will.

First of all, those suits! All them are ill-fitting sacks, basically and are a lovely shade of green I associate with an algae bloom in a cow pond.

I'm particularly taken by the lead singer in the video. His double breasted suit fits about as well as a burlap sack. He's also got the world's most,  um,  amazing sideburns.

As he's singing, he has this blank, blissful  look on his face, as if he's entered some sweet, strange wonderland. At the same time, he looks vaguely ill and ill at ease, like he might simulaneously barf and get attacked by the audience.

Which actually to me seems like a real possibility. Actually, the whole group looks pretty spaced out. I wonder what they took before coming onstage?

And why are they set up like that. The keyboardist and drummer start off in the foreground, but you n see as the video they are really shunted way off to the side. Like we really shouldn't notice them.

Maybe we shouldn't. In the closeups of the keyboardist, he looks like he's yawning instead of coming in with those signature mellow harmonies.  The song isn't that boring, is it?

It's all a mystery. So here's you kitch for today. The Association performs "Never My Love."

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