Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Randy Rainbow Strikes Again, This Time Targeting Melania

Randy Rainbow strikes again! This time the target is Melania Trump
I'm risking turning this into the Official Randy Rainbow Fan Page, but I'm going to keep posting his videos anyway.

He brightened our Monday by posting his latest video. He targets Melania Trump, who self describes herself as the "most bullied" person out that.

Randy uses the melody of the song "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast, to perform "Be Best" which is Melania's supposed anti-bullying phrase.

As Billboard notes, this latest video is basically Disney meets disdain.

Randy introduces the video by introducing Melania Trump as  "the First Lady of the United States if you don't count Mike Pence."

The early part of his videos usually are like a cable news interview. During this, Randy tells Melania, "You always have the best taste in fascists, er, fashion."


There's a bit of a campaign out there that wants Randy Rainbow to host the Tony Awards. I think that's a terrific idea.

Anyway, no more spoilers. Watch the video:

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