Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Cats Belong On Fashion Catwalks, A Cat Announces

We're sorry you missed the recent Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey.
You can see Random Cat on a Istanbul fashion show
catwalk does NOT like this piece of fashion. 

No big deal, I hear you saying. You're not that into fashion anyway.

But this was the best fashion show ever, thanks to a random cat.

According to The Dodo, this cat decided that if there's a catwalk, the cat should be on said catwalk, duh!

As human models strutted down the catwalk at the fashion show to dreary, plodding electronic music,  Random Cat decided to mess up that mood and inject a little humor.

Nobody knows where Random Cat came from but she was a natural on said catwalk.

Random Cat showed who's boss, attacking some of the fashions that she didn't care much for, then strutted down to the end of the catwalk like the diva she is.

I saw one Tweet describing what the Random Cat was thinking at that moment: "No, no, no dahling. THIS is how you walk."

I sometimes watch the show "Project Runway," in which contestants design clothes for sometimes ridiculous situations using ridiculous material. The show is on hiatus until 2019, but when it returns, I think there should be a cat episode of "Project Runway."

Here's the video from Istanbul:

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