Sunday, April 17, 2011

At Least There Are No Tornadoes in Vermont

We here in Vermont have been complaining about the weather, as usual.
A large tornado roars into Raleigh, N.C.
Saturday afternoon.
This weekend featured wind, cold rain, and a little sleet and snow. Today is supposed to be showery, windy, cold, maybe some hail. Lovely.

But at least we haven't been getting tornadoes, so we have nothing to complain about. Those storms over the past few days have been incredible. And they really have been attacking cities.

It was amazing to watch a feed from WRAL, a television station in Raleigh, as they filmed a large tornado sweeping through the city's downtown. They have an amazing time lapse video of the tornado coming at WRAL's building.

Just scary stuff.

The Charlotte News & Observer also has a lot of tragic, incredible photos of the storm and damage. 

Here's a video of one of the tornadoes in Sanford, North Carolina around some shopping centers.  Go to the mall, get a tornado, apparently.

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